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  • Aperol/Campari Spritz €8,00

    Aperol/Campari, prosecco

  • Hugo Spritz €9,00

    St. Germain, prosecco, leaves of mint

  • Negroni €8,00

    Bitter, vermouth, gin

  • Negroni Sbagliato €8,00

    Bitter, vermouth, prosecco

  • Americano €8,00

    Bitter, vermouth, soda

  • Boulevardier €8,00

    Bitter, vermouth, whiskey

  • Milano - Torino €8,00

    Bitter, vermouth

  • Gin/Vodka Tonic €8,00
  • Gin/Vodka Lemon €8,00
  • Dark and Stormy €8,00

    Rum, Ginger ale

  • Moscow/London Mule €8,00

    Vodka/gin, lime juice, Ginger beer

  • Old Fashioned €8,00

    Whiskey, sugar, Angostura, soda

  • Gin Fizz €8,00

    Gin, sugar, lime juice, soda

  • Mojito €9,00

    Sugar and crushed lime, white rum, mint, soda

Any use of premium products may result in an an increase in price.


  • U Sali €11,00

    Grand Tour Gin, passito, olives, served in Martini cup

  • Basil Sour €11,00

    London Dry Gin, sugar, lemon, fresh basil, orange bitter, smoked salt crust, served in a cup

  • Mamavida €10,00

    Rum infused with passion fruit and orange, Mezcal, vanilla, lemon, pineapple juice

  • Panacea €11,00

    Gin, lemon, sage syrup, prosecco

  • Siculo €10,00

    Sugar and crushed lime, dark rum, blond beer

  • Mulo €9,00

    Vodka, black mulberries*, green lemon ginger, gazosa

  • Vulcano €10,00

    Etna Bitter, Etna Vermouth, tangerine liqueur, Etneum Gin

  • Iancu €9,00

    Ionic gin, lemon, sugar, tonic water

  • Etna Sour €11,00

    Selection of Sweet&Sour based on Etnauti Etna liqueurs, served in cup or on the rocks, with dedicated crustas chosen according to taste: tangerine, apple, pear, cherry strawberry, prickly pear, black mulberries*

*In the absence of fresh fruit according to seasonality, it’s possible to the use of jams or syrups.

Gin Tonics - Botanics

  • 400 Conigli [ITA] €10,00

    Juniper, choice of Coffee/ Lavender/Black Pepper/Lemon Verbena/Basili

  • Professor's Gin "Authentic Crocodile" [ITA - Old Tom] €10,00

    Juniper, citrus, coriander, elderberry, Jamaican pepper

  • Professor's Gin "Monsieur" [ITA] €10,00

    Juniper, angelica, chamomile, lavender, orange, rose, turmeric

  • Professor's Gin "A la Madame" [ITA] €10,00

    Juniper, orange, lemon, cinnamon, zedoaria turmeric, tanacetus

  • Professor's Gin "Fighting Bear" [ITA] €10,00

    Juniper, bitter orange, camomile

  • Emporia Gin [ITA] €12,00

    Phoenician juniper, bergamot, liquorice, lime, sage, absinthe, elderberry, coriander
    (Best Italian Contemporary Gin 2020)

  • Portobello [UK] €9,00

    Juniper, orange, coriander, angelica, liquorice, nutmeg

  • Portobello “butter” [UK] €10,00

    Similar to classic Portobello, but distilled one more time together with English butter, it's softer and more velvety

  • Bobby’s Jenever [NL] €9,00

    Lemongrass, juniper, cardamom, ginger

  • Generous Purple Gin [FR] €11,00

    Grapefruit, juniper, pepper, grape polyphenols

  • London n°1 [UK] €9,00

    Orange, bergamot, lemon, lily, savory, angelica, cinnamon

  • Alkkemist [ES] €12,00

    21 Botanicals including sea fennel, juniper and muscatel grape

  • Brooklyn [USA] €11,00

    Lavender, cocoa, coriander, angelica

  • Hendrix [UK] €9,00

    Angelica, lemon and orange peels, chamomile, coriander, cumin

  • Gin Mare [ES] €9,00

    Juniper, lemon, orange, cardamom, coriander, rosemary, thyme, basil, Arbequina olives

  • Macchia [ITA] €10,00

    Juniper, myrtle, oregano, pompia

  • I Siciliani €9,00

    Etneum, Aquamaris, Ionico, Etna Gin: ask our staff!

Sweet wines and meditation*

  • White Passito €7,00
  • Red Passito €6,00
  • Marsala €6,00
  • Bitter €5,00
  • Special Bitter €7,00
  • Cannellino €5,00
  • Limoncello €5,00
  • White Grappa/Barrique €6,00
  • Vermouth €6,00
  • Whisky €6,00
  • Whisky Special €8,00
  • Rum €5,00
  • Rum Special €7,00
  • Cognac/Armagnac/ Bas Armagnac €7,00

*The selection of ultra premium products may result in a price increase.

*The selection of ultra premium products may result in a price increase.

Food tasting

Our pans

  • Gnocchetto €8,00

    with Trapanese pesto and sautéed cabbage

  • Caponatina €6,00

    stracciatella cheese and fried basil

  • Crispy octopus €8,00

    with sweet and sour sauce

  • Chopped fassona meat €8,00

    with French mustard and wild vegetables

  • Codfish €8,00

    creamed with potatoes, mint and light gazpacho

  • Burratina cheese, orange and anchovies €7,00
  • Tuna tartare €8,00

    with mango and goma wacame

  • Mixed fried fish €7,00

You can choose some other dishes from our à la carte menu:

There is a new way of drinking in Catania, and it’s the way of IANCU, the Inside Dinner Bar at the Sale Restaurant.

Inside our cellar, a new corner bar where you can taste exclusive alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, where the scents and flavours that also characterise our way of cooking are frequent: citrus, cucunci, mulberries.

Special attention is paid to island excellences such as Sicilian gin, passito and so on, to be tasted as cocktails or on their purest form.

Enjoy your drink with one of the dishes suggested in the food selection or, otherwise, look at the cocktail menu even at dinner: we will be able to suggest the best combination with your chosen dish.

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