Nothing is more useful than the sun and the salt

Restaurant Catania centre

Il Sale tastes like Sicily

Salt is flavor

(Translated: simple, friendly, local, elegant).
This is what we are. This is what we want to tell to everyone who keep choosing us by fifteen years.
The Sale’s story is strictly connected to the love that we have for our land. And, just like our land, our island, we always keep moving, keep evolving. An evolution which cares about trends but, at the same time, with a strong identity and memory of its roots. Today, more than yesterday, we want to confirm the centrality of Sicily, made by its secular contaminations, its traditions and its memories, that can be found in the simple recipes but full of taste that characterize our meals.
Ospitality is, for us, one of our most important value. It’s in our DNA.
As good sicilian natives we love to make our guests feel comfortable and welcomed, talking with them about how this land is a healthy carrier of excellences that make it unique and inimitable.

Our Staff

Hospitality and professionality

Our staff is young and friendly, made up by men and women of great value, always ready to welcome and cuddle everyone who everyday decide to spend some time with us.
We are a lots: Loredana, Melissa, Sara, Valentina, Vanessa, Martina, Gianni, Marco, Walter, Ouzman, Riccardo, Yassim, and also Elvio, Sagith, Domenico, Rochan and Tony. It’s thanks to this great team that everyday, all togheter, without resting, we success to best represent what we are, both between the table and bihind the scenes, in out kitchen where we invent, we experiment, we create our dishes.
And we also succeed in reaching important goals that are, first of all, your satisfaction, and than that special and meaningful mentions. In fact, some authoritative agencies in the field of tourist guides speak of our restaurant, such as the Gambero Rosso, CityMap and the TouringClub.
Why don't you come and spend some time with us? We are waiting for you!