Arancino of buffalo cheese

€ 8,50

buffalo cheese with fresh tuna* ragout on a velvety Sicilian caponata

Crispy prawns

€ 10,90

in kataifi dough on spicy guacamole sauce

Anchovy balls*

€ 8,30

with orange salad, fennel, saffron sauce and red onion

Sicilian Mixed fried

€ 10,90

(serves 2) with palermitan panelle (chickpea fritters), fried primo sale cheese, mini-sized “siciliane”* and arancini*

Palermitan panelle

€ 6,50

chickpea fritters with honey, ‘nduja, yogurt and sesame seeds

fried seafood

€ 16,90

squid*, anchovies*, scabbardfish* white shrimps* with spicy honey, tartar sauce and barbecue sauce


€ 6,60

with Nebrodi black pork ragout and caciocavallo fondue

Potato fries

€ 5,70

served with ketchup and mayo

Mini siciliane*

€ 6,30

with tuma cheese, cherry tomatoes and olives

primosale cheese

€ 6,50

breaded with panko bread, served with sour-sweet sauce



Shrimp carpaccio

€ 10,90

raw shrimp carpaccio served with sea asparagus, sea urchin pulp** and strawberries

Ragusan burratina

€ 9,50

mozzarella served with sea urchin pulp** and sweet yellow datterini tomatoes cream

Fish Crudo

€ 26,00

(recommended for 2 people) with tuna and mango tartare, cod** meatballs with oranges, anchovies and strawberries, salmon** sashimi with lime, marinated red shrimp*, sea lettuce

Veal tartare

€ 10,90

with crispy egg yolk, Salina's capers and black truffle pearls

Sicilian raw ham


served with ragusan stracciatella cheese

Salami and Cheese board (small)


sicilian cheese: ragusan caciocavallo, piacentinu ennese, black peppered primo sale, tuma
sicilian cold cuts: S.Angelo's salami, Nebrodi's black pork lard, capocollo, mortadella

Salami and Cheese board (large)


First Course

Ravioli Quadrati*

€ 16,00

our homemade ravioli, filled with pumpkin and porcini mushroom** cream, milk of caciocavallo cheese, and powder of pork cheek


€ 17,50

with cacio cheese, lime and black truffle

Home-made maccheroni*

€ 16,50

with fresh bronte pistachio pesto, ice cream of ragusan buffalo ricotta, and crispy cannoli wafer


€ 16,00

pasta with Nebrodi black pork ragù topped with burratina cheese

Citrus-infused Rice

€ 17,90

finished with raw red prawn* and sautéed savoy cabbage

Homemade Cannelloni

€ 17,90

our homemade cannelloni with withe fish* ragout, Aeolian reduction, and toasted breadcrumbs

Calamarata alla catanese

€ 16,50

pasta with anchovies, wild fennel, toasted breadcrumbs, cherry tomatoes on a light parsley sauce

Main Course

Vegetable mille-feuille

€ 12,90

with smoked provola cheese and orange blossom honey

Waiss lam ribs*

€ 16,90

beer-glazed, served with wild vegetables and sweet potatoes chips

Cube of Pork meat

€ 18,90

slow-cooked, served with porcini mushrooms**, honey and hazelnuts

Ribeye steak (300-320 gr.)

€ 19,90

rare-done steak with sweet potato cream and Jerusalem artichoke chips (also available 500gr whole € 36,90)

Beef fillet (250-270 gr.)

€ 23,90

grilled and oven-baked, served with apulian broccoli** and black truffle shavings

Tomahawk (min. 1,2 kg)

€ 48,50

serves 2 people - with chips and wild vegetables**

White Fish* fillet

€ 19,90

with pistachio crumble, yellow baby plum tomato reduction and crispy aubergine

Salmon Rolls**

€ 19,90

low-temperature cooked rolls of salmon, willed with baby plum tomatoes, caciocavallo cheese and almonds, served on a light citrus sauce with ragusan buffalo stracciatella,wild mules

Tuna* tataki

€ 22,50

seared with raw heart, black crust, sautéed vegetables and teriyaki sauce

Swordfish vs cod**

€ 18,90

sauted swordfish and salted cod with soy sauce, served with potato cream and confit baby plum tomatoes

Seared octopus

€ 19,30

with burrata cheese served with potato pie, slightly spicy reduction and crumbled amaretto



€ 10,90

ragusan burrata cheese, fresh tomatoes, grilled aubergines and courgettes, chicory, basil and walnuts

Salmon* and avocado

€ 12,90

served raw with yogurt sauce, sunflower seeds and guacamole dip

Tuna chunks*

€ 12,90

served raw with fresh spinach, toasted almonds, mango and citrus marmalade

Orange salad

€ 11,90

with fennel, red onion, Salina's capers, and olives

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