Is always that bit of salt more or less that makes the difference



Etna, Nebrodi and Iblei's moutains: there are the places where we look for and find the ingredients that we love to bring to our guest's table.

Pistachos, dried tomatoes, toasted almonds, Brolo's sausages, the black swine meat from Nebrodi, the citrus: these and other row materials that evocate a real sicilian way of eating, meets in unexpected dishes born from our cook's studies and imagination. So we say thank you to them: Elvio, Kamal, Rochan and Sylveter.

Our is a menu that changes, according to the season and our guests tastes, to propose everytime something different and surprising. We go over the idea of typical restaurant: if the ingredients have a name and a well known origin, often synonym of quality, will be their commingling to give you the pleasure of a rediscovery, for the eyes as much as fro the palate.

To Start


  • Arancino of ragusan bufala cheese

    with black pig sauce served with Sicilian caponata
  • Potato croquettes

    with vegetables & cheese, black pepper
  • Little fried crispelle

    with Provola cheese, pistachio and black toasted breadcrumbs
  • Mixed Fried - for two people

    with palermitan panelle, chips, croquettes, little Sicilian fried pizza
  • Fried Potatoes

    served with ketchup and mayo
  • Parmigiana's cake

    served with mousse of salad ricotta cheese and fresh basil pesto
  • Anchovy balls

    with orange salad, fennel, saffron sauce and red onion
  • Raw grouper

    and served with orange, mango, caper and mint salad
  • Fried palermitan panelle (chickpea flour)

    with honey, ‘nduja (tipical spicy Calabrian cream) and yogurt

and seasoned

  • Raw tartare of fresh salmon and avocado

    served with yogurt cream, sunflower seeds and guacamole sauce
  • Pear and rocket salad

    with Primo sale pepper cheese, walnut and balsamic vinegar
  • Fresh Tuna filet

    served with fresh spinach, toasted almond, mango and orange jam
  • Big plate of Sicilian Ham

    served with ragusan burratina cheese
  • Buffalo Mozzarella

    with tomato caprese salad and nuts
  • Selection of sicilian seasoned, cold cuts and cheese

  • Mixed vegetables grill

    with smoked provola cheese and orange honey
First Courses


  • Homemade Ravioli Norma

    Fresh pasta with yellow tomato, eggplant cream, Sicilian ricotta cheese, wasaby and basil
  • Homemade dumpling

    with fresh Bronte pistachio pesto, ragusan buffalo ricotta ice cream and lime zest
  • Paccheri

    with pork sause crispy lard and ragusan, caciocavallo cheese, pea cream and toasted breadcrumbs
  • Lasagna

    with tuna, served with eggplant cream, capers, orange pee and Calabrian spicy cream
  • Spaghetti

    with sea ​​urchin served with Ricotta cheede, mint capers and orange peel
  • Linguine with Clams

    on Asparagus cream, Confit Tomatoes, Cuttlefish breadcrumbs and Mint Oil
Seconds to none

Second courses

  • Ribeye meat (gr 300-320)

    with coarse salt served on porcini mushrooms cream, potato chips, cheese ice cream, dried tomatoes grains
  • Roll of horse meet

    with pachino cherry tomatoes, cacio cavallo cheese, almonds and buffalo mortadella served with crispy breadcrumbs, sweet peppers cream and wild vegetables
  • Pork fillet (gr 200-220)

    cooked at low temperature, completed in the oven, prepared with an almond breading, served on a Calabrian Ndjua Polenta, Cabbage Crispy and fig reduction …Try also like burger!!
  • Vitellin fillet (gr 250-270)

    on potato beds smoked provola and crispy Apulian mugnoli …Try also like burger!!
  • Tuna fillet

    with pistachio and sweet and sour onion on citrus and fennel and orange sauce
  • Mixed fried

    of squid, anchovies, white prawns and spatula with, Spicy Honey, Tartar sauce and Barbecue
  • Scotted Octopus

    with burratina cheese and accompanied by potato pie, slightly spicy reduction and amaretto grain
  • Filett Salmon

    with ginger, served with lemon parfait and fresh strawberries …Try also like burger!!