€ 7,50

served with berries fruit or nuts cream


€ 7,50

served in a Martini glass with mascarpone mousse, caramel, hazelnuts

Apple crumble

€ 7,50

crunchy shortcrust pastry served on Etna apples and homemade vanilla ice cream

Ricotta crunch

€ 7,50

delicate mousse of sweet buffalo ricotta, served with crunchy nougat and caramel, strawberry and Bronte's pistachio

Almond parfait

€ 7,50

with dark chocolate and nuts

Molten chocolate cake

€ 8,00

with homemade pistachio ice cream

Molten pistachio cake

€ 8,00

with Bronte pistachio, served with homemade ice cream with chocolate from Modica

Our sweets

Freshness and craftsmanship

How many restaurants do you know with their own patisserie and such a wide choice of desserts? If it is true that in Sicily dessert is never optional but fundamental, we could not give it less importance than the rest and not dedicate a space to it in our kitchen.
Master pastry chefs Rochan and Kamal work with the raw materials – pistachios from Bronte, strawberries from Maletto, apples from Etna, chocolate from Modica, ricotta cheese from the Modica cow – creating every component of the preparation, from creams to mousses to pastes. The result is a varied sweets menu, desserts that are always fresh and a further experience of Sicilian excellence in pastry.