Dough with cereal flour and lavening at 72 hours

Whole grain flat bread

  • LARD & MULBERRIES €12,40

    buffalo mozzarella, nebrodi black pork lard, piacentino ennese cheese, black mulberries jam, evo oil

  • BURRATA & TRUFFLE €14,50

    fresh “burrata ragusana” cheese, truffle perlage, wild vegetables, confit cherry tomatoes, evo oil

Dough with cereal flour and lavening at 48 hours

Traditional pizzas

  • MARGHERITA €7,40

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella morsels, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil

  • BIANCANEVE €7,30

    Mozzarella cheese, extra virgin oil


    mozzarella, blue cheese, “vastedda del belice” cheese, “piacentino ennese” cheese, smoked scamorza, evo oil (available with tomato sauce upon request)


    Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, boiled egg, extra virgin oil


    mozzarella cheese, yellow tomato, tuna, capers, black olives, red onion

  • LEGGERA €10,50

    buffalo mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, rocket, bresaola, grana padano slivers

  • VEGETARIANA €10,50

    fresh tomato, grilled aubergines, grilled courgettes, red chicory, mushrooms, grana padano slivers, evo oil

  • CRESCENZA €11,20

    Mozzarella cheese, Belice Vastedda cheese, smoked Crescenza cheese, wild vegetables, dry tomatoes

  • ESTIVA €10,30

    Ragusan buffalo mozzarella cheese, basil pesto, pine nuts, fried courgettes, toasted crumb

  • BUFALA €11,30

    Fresh tomato, tomato sauce, Ragusa buffalo mozzarella cheese, Nebrodi raw ham

  • NERO DI SUINO €12,20

    Pork sauce crispy lard, ragusan buffalo mozzarella cheese, provola cheese, extra virgin oil

  • AFFUMICATA €11,20

    Tomato sauce, smoked provola cheese, roast ham, extra virgin olive oil


    (stonebaked or fried) Tuma cheese, mozzarella cheese, anchovies, oil

traditional pizzas

pizzas with stuffed edges

  • LA NORMA €10,20

    Stuffed edge of aubergine cream and outside tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fried aubergine, ricotta salata cheese, fresh basil extra virgin oil

  • PRESÌDI €12,50

    Stuffed edge of Belice Vastedda cheese, and outside pachino cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, pistachio, Sant'Angelo di Brolo salami, extra virgin oil

  • IL SALE €11,40

    Stuffed edge of gorgonzola cheese cream and outside mozzarella cheese, red chicory, walnuts Ragusa Cosacavaddu cheese slivers, extra virgin oil

  • PICCANTE €10,40

    Stuffed edge of spicy Calabrian ‘nduja cream and outside tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, extra virgin oil


    Stuffed edge of porcini mushrooms cream and outside buffalo mozzarella cheese, wild vegetables, porcini mushrooms, Ragusa Cosacavaddu cheese slivers, extra virgin oil

  • PISTACCHIO €12,40

    Stuffed edge of pistachio cream and outside mozzarella cheese, buffalo mortadella, pistachio grain, extra virgin oil


Flour, oil, salt, water and pinch of sugar: it’s all here. Nothing simpler than this. This is the way in which begins the day of our pizza makers, putting their hands on the basic ingredients of all the prepations.

We start from bread, of course faull of flavor as we use in sicily: white, with seeds, wholemeal and stuffed.

Then it’s the turn of the pizza’s, drawers, to fill and leave resting from 48 to 72h, according to what we have to prepare. The white flour and the 9 cereals flour impose time, doses and different temperatures to exalt the two most important characteristics for us: digestibility anda taste.

Open or closed, baked or fried, with stuffed edges or traditional, all accompanied by Iblea’s typical olive oil.