Wine and Bubbles

Wine cellar and Craft beers

Grapes and Hopes


What distinguishes our wine cellar is the accurate selection.

Tasting a pizza shoul be always accompanied by a drink that gives strenght to the row materials used. Lots of our guests choose beer, loyal companion of a relaxing and funny evening. In addition to the classic red and blond, today we have several beers with a more varied aftertaste to content even the most demanding palates. Combine a flat bread with bacon with a well-hopped lager beer, or try a classic Margherita pizza with wheat beers.

The Unmissable

Il Sale’s Crafts beers

Is very important for us to offer a selection of craft beers, starting from the Baladin, available both in tap and in bottle. A thrilling story the one that brought a little beer seller to become one of the most innovative beer maker oh Italy, and we love his philosophy and style. We are proud member of the Baladin Selection Club, becoming a reference site for the Catania area. A new arrival comes, instead, from our volcano, in fact you can find at our restaurant the local craft beer Jebel, made in Mongibello brewery, born on our volcanic land. The ferment of Etna, once called “mungibeddu” or “jebel”, has been bottled for an important and generous beer’s taste. Spices, aromas and fruity varieties will be your companions on this journey through flavors and taste.

Our Wine Cellar

Good wine for a Good Meal

At Il Sale – Restaurant Pizzeria you can combine good food with excellent wine: we will be able to amaze you with the variety of our paper. Come and taste our wine’s selection, choosing among sicilian producers the one that mostly satisfy your taste and deals with your meal. Flavors taken from the entire Italy to propose you the best, choosen amogn the best know wine and the most niche proposals among local producers. Ask advice to our staff and don’t give up the pleasure to accompany best what you ordered from the menu. The vineyards of Etna such as those of Castiglione di Sicilia, Randazzo and the Val dell'Alcantara give each year wines impregnated with the fervor of magma that flows under cultivation. Intense taste coming from the land now known as the “golden coast of Etna”, with wine from white to red, passing from pink or sparlking wine from local farms.