Where to eat in Catania

Asking the question Where to eat in Catania?  this year in particular it was not only the people of Catania, but also the many tourists who flocked to the city.

In fact, for 2018 there is a boom in visitors for all of Sicily: according to the figures recorded during the summer, attendances stood at around 14.7 million, coming close to the 2014 record.

Our city is no exception: Catania has become a very popular destination for abroad, star of the cover of the New York Times , which defined our city as having a “welcoming and festive atmosphere” in an article by Lucas Peters , dedicated to “The sights and smells of the second city of Sicily”.

Obviously, it is not only the cuisine of Catania that attracts visitors. The classical monuments that make our city famous, from the Piazza del Duomo with its Liotru to the magnificent Massimo Bellini Theater , are joined by other places and neighborhoods. Among these, for example, the Ursino Castle , which has become the seat (as well as the Palazzo della Cultura) of important exhibitions, and the surrounding area, redeveloped by the people of Catania themselves. To these are added the beauties inherited from antiquity, such as the Terme della Rotonda, the Roman amphitheater, the Terme della Rotonda or the Bonajuto Chapel.

Then, if all this were not enough, the priceless beauty of the sea with a volcano background.

Almost a food district: via Santa Filomena

Although the whole city is teeming with pubs, trattorias, restaurants, both in the center and in areas less frequented by mass tourism, there is an area that is gradually taking the configuration of a real food district: via Santa Filomena .

One step away from via Etnea, and therefore from the main artery of Catania, a narrow street closed to traffic, illuminated by lights and flooded with the colors and smells of the places that populate it. It is one of the meeting points for both Catania residents and visitors, who know (or discover) that they can find in that area, whose heart is precisely via Santa Filomena, a wide choice of places to spend their time.

We at the Sale have also chosen via Santa Filomena as a location. But there’s more: we were among the first to believe in the potential of this magical corner of the city, well before it became so “in”.

Il Sale – Pizzeria Restaurant in via Santa Filomena

Today, as then, we want to make our contribution to the party atmosphere of the street, celebrating in our own way what foreigners (but not only) love most when they arrive in our country: good food, good wine and excellent pizzas . And do it in the style that distinguishes us, with good taste and essentiality.

At the Sale you can choose whether to stay immersed in the city, sitting at one of our outdoor tables, or enjoy a moment of relaxation in one of our indoor rooms. Our menu card makes everyone agree: you can choose a dish from the à la carte menu or try one of the pizzas that gave rise to the fame of our restaurant.

Ours is an unusual cuisine but for this very reason interesting and fun: you can find traditional dishes with their historical ingredients but rethought by our kitchen brigade to offer always different dishes. Equally the pizzas: you can find the traditional Sicilian pizza , the classic pizzas, as well as those baked goods in which we give the best of us. We are talking about focaccia, closed pizzas and delicious pizzas with stuffed edges.