Pizzeria Il Sale: the best

Each restaurant in Catania has its own specialties. We at the Sale wanted to do double: the restaurant - Pizzeria formula allows us to have the main dishes and unmissable pizzas. And we want to start from this: the specialties of our oven.

Closed pizzas, traditional pizzas, focaccia: what these three preparations have in common is the base, or the dough. Our dough is long leavening, 72 hours, which guarantees greater digestibility, as well as a better yield in terms of flavor.

We asked our customers what their favorite pizzas are. Here are their answers.

Salt pizzas: customers' favorites
The undisputed queens of the pizza menu are pizzas with a stuffed edge. The most requested and appreciated are in fact the Presidia and, nomen omen !, Il Sale. Do we want to make us water a little?
The Presidia brings together different ingredients from various parts of Sicily, bringing together fresh and delicate flavors with strong and full-bodied flavors. Imagine this beautiful pizza steaming out of the oven and arriving directly on your table. The first scent you will smell is the recognizable one of cured meats, in this case of Brolo salami. Pachino tomato, pistachio and mozzarella morsels keep him company. Cut the edge, and what's inside? La vastedda del Belice because, as the menu says, even the edges are eaten and you won't be able to resist eating these too!
The Il Sale pizza, on the other hand, has a very suggestive taste, reminiscent of autumn. In fact, a bed of mozzarella morsels, the bitterness of radicchio, the intense taste of walnuts and Cosacavaddu flakes are married together on this pizza. Even the edges of this pizza reserve a surprise: a gorgonzola filling that adds an extra note to the flavors of this set.

Two unexpected guest stars: focaccia
Among the favorite dishes of our guests there are not only pizzas, but also focaccias. Our pizza chefs have certainly not exhausted all the imagination for pizzas: you can also find incredible and exciting combinations in this part of the menu. And your answers confirm it: the most popular are Pepato and Miele and Lardo and black mulberries.
The first puts in the form of focaccia one of the most delightful pairing for gourmets: cheese and honey. Specifically, here you can taste the combination of peppery primo sale with orange blossom and orange honey, completed with a shower of chives and olive oil.
The second, Lard and black mulberries, stands out as one of the most original and with the most decisive and memorable taste. On a base of Iblea buffalo mozzarella, in fact, pieces of Nebrodi black pig lard are spread, alternating with brushstrokes of black mulberry jam. Last touch, the addition of Piacentinu Ennese, the flavor that stands out surprisingly between one bite and the next, balancing the sweetness of the jam.