Drink or taste? The wine tasting course

What is the difference between drinking and tasting?
You can find out in this short but comprehensive journey into the technique of wine tasting led by Sommelier Vittorio Cardaci.
We will talk about viticulture, transformation of the must, vinification and sparkling winemaking, and also about the refinement of wines, tasting and service techniques and methods of food-wine pairing.

Wine tasting course: the program

January 20, 2020 : History. The Vine & the Grape. The Technique of Wine Tasting: Visual Examination. Tasting
January 27, 2020 : The vinifications in red, rosé, carbonic maceration, in white. The Technique of Wine Tasting: Olfactory Examination. Tasting. 
February 3, 2020 : The other winemaking techniques: Sparkling wine. The Technique of Wine Tasting: Gustatory Examination. Tasting. 
February 10, 2020 : The other winemaking techniques: Passito and Fortified Wines. Tasting. 
February 17, 2020 : Wine: How to Choose It, Store It and Combine It with Food. The wine service. Wine / food pairing test.

Our cellar opens its doors: choose to taste, not just drink!

Info, costs and registration

At each appointment you can taste  3 wines  according to the topic of the lesson, and a dish we offer. 
Start at 20.30. Duration approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Students will be provided with notebook, pen, wine approval card, corkscrew and certificate of participation.

The course has a cost of  200 euros  and is reserved for a  limited number  of participants.
It is therefore necessary to register  by 10 January  and pay an advance of 50.00 euros to confirm registration.
To register, just  send an email to info@ilsaleartcafe.com with the particulars of the participant (s).
The fee of 50.00 euros can be delivered to the Sale, via Santa Filomena 10, or paid by bank transfer:

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