Eggplant pie - Video recipe

Do you remember this magnitude? An aubergine parmigiana in a pie version, with a “cone” shape to pay homage to our “mountain”, Etna.


How can you taste it again if you no longer find it on our menu? Peering into our kitchen and following step by step the recipe that led us to the creation of this volcanic pie. You will amaze all diners with special visual effects and a simple but effective flavor.

The eggplant pie: some suggestions

We want to give you some suggestions on the choice of ingredients to make the final result the best.

  • The tomato sauce they used is cherry tomato sauce .
  • Cubes of cheese must be added to the mixture to be placed inside the pie: we suggest choosing a cheese that is not overly seasoned and aiming, for example, at a sweet provola .
  • For the garnish, on the other hand, the white tuft like a snow-capped mountain is salted ricotta foam .
    This is also very easy to obtain. It is necessary to work with the electric whisk of the fresh ricotta until it becomes creamy like a mousse, adding a pinch of salt and pepper to your liking. In addition, a tablespoon of oil or milk to make it smoother and more creamy when needed.
  • Finally, for the topping, we thought of the scent of basil : a fresh note that appears on the nose before the palate as soon as the dish is brought to the table. It can be used fresh, but also in the form of an emulsion.

Enjoy it and… enjoy your meal!

Eggplant pie video recipe

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