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Pizzeria Il Sale: the best Each restaurant in Catania has its own specialties. We at the Sale wanted to do double: the restaurant - Pizzeria formula allows us to have the main dishes and unmissable pizzas. And we want to start from this: the specialties of our oven. Closed pizzas, traditional pizzas, focaccia: what these three preparations have in common is the

Where to eat in Catania Asking the question Where to eat in Catania? this year in particular it was not only the people of Catania, but also the many tourists who flocked to the city.In fact, for 2018 there is a boom in visitors for all of Sicily: according to the figures recorded during the summer, attendances stood at around

Christmas and New Year in Catania: all the appointments Spending Christmas and New Year's Eve in Catania is becoming more and more exciting, for citizens as well as tourists: many opportunities designed to give space to local producers, artisans and artists and let you immerse yourself in an unprecedented atmosphere.The city fills up more than ever with markets, music, lights and,